From old-world Italy...

Gathered From Every Part Of Italy

From local vendors all over the Italian countryside. it is the taste of Italy like no other. Authentic. Fresh. Rustic. And truly delicious. From home-style pastas to olive oils, vine-ripened tomatoes and dozens of other items. R & V Imports offers a wide array of genuine Italian fare. R & V works directly with local Italian vendors to personally inspect and select only the highest quality products. With over 150 years of combined experience in the food industry, our co-workers dedicate themselves to bringing you the best tasting and best quality foods from Italy. Our buyers make frequent trips to Italy, as well as fine food shows across the USA and abroad, to ensure that we have high quality, great tasting food for you and your family.

To Full Service Private Labeling Company

Whatever your private labeling needs, from conception to completion. We can handle it. With our contacts in Italy, close relationships with the manufacturers, and our importing skills, we can find the correct product for you in your budget We can assist with the label design, the sourcing, the manufacturing, pricing and anything else you need for your private label of Italian products. Contact us for more information.


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